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OAME 2018 Annual Luncheon and Trade Show
Thursday, May 10, 2018 – Oregon Convention Center

Don’t miss this opportunity to reserve one of the best buys in exhibit space with the 2018 OAME Luncheon and Trade Show at the Oregon Convention Center. This exhibit configuration guarantees the maximum exposure for all companies. We sell out all of our booths each year.

The OAME Trade Show is designed to help businesses by creating networking opportunities with minority owned companies and to sample their diverse products and services.  It is also an opportunity for minority, women and emerging small businesses to showcase their products and services and to network.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to promote your business and make new connections along the way.

The booth is 10′ X 10′ and includes: 8′ draped table, 2 chairs, 8′ high drapery along the back of the booth, 3′ high drapery on two sides, and 1 identification sign.

Reserve your booth for 2018!

Members Non-Members
Small Companies (0-25 employees) $225
Small Companies (0-25 employees) – Non-Member $325
Larger Companies (25+ employees) – Member $700
Larger Companies (25+ employees) – Non-Member $900
Public & Non-Profit Agencies – Member $400
Public & Non-Profit Agencies – Non-Member $500
For additional luncheon tickets and information visit the luncheon registration page. 

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