Member Testimonials

“OAME not only made NWR Construction, but revitalized and saved us.  Everyone I’ve met, from contacts and customers to employees and clients are the result of my connection with OAME.  It’s unbelievable to think that I almost started looking for a job when the recession hit and now here we are with 13 employees.”

-Ron Downey, Owner of NWR Construction, Inc.


“OAME has helped my business tremendously because of the networking.  These meetings are where I’ve met a lot of the folks that ultimately became clients.  It’s the best place to gain access to people important to your success and an easy way to follow up with them.”

-Rajiv Ali, Owner of RhinoOne Geotechnical


“We love OAME; everyone is equal and gets an opportunity to present their business at the meetings.  Through OAME, we’ve gotten SBA loans to help sustain cash flow and also take advantage of great trainings provided by local agencies in their building.  We have been helped tremendously through our membership with OAME.”

-Elee Jen, Marketing Manager for Energy Performance Engineering


“OAME’s meetings are some of the most uplifting and positive events you can attend, they are meant for networking and are a great way to connect with people.”

-Kaye Kloster, Division Vice President of ARC Document Solutions

“OAME has mastered the art of bridging the gap that can exist for small businesses trying to work with public agencies and large companies. Without OAME, we probably wouldnt have met the people we needed for each phase of our development.”

-Alando Simpson, Vice President of City of Roses Disposal and Recycling


“The OAME networking meetings are open, down to earth and very helpful in connecting us with all of the right folks in Portland.”

Jennie Rodriguez, President and Founder of Twirl Advertising & Design, LLC


“OAME has helped me gain visibility with larger clients. Being a member has solidified my vision, increased my focus and turned me into a marketing machine. OAME teaches small businesses to become more successful.”

-Neil Lee, owner of LEEKA Architecture and Planning


“OAME really opened my eyes to the business opportunities out there. I know I wouldnt be where I am today or even know a fraction of the valuable contacts I have now without being a member.
The OAME networking meetings feel like one family all in a large room.”

-Debbie Rockway, owner of Allsource Construction Supply


”OAME takes the weight of doubt from your shoulders that all entrepreneurs experience. Their meetings give me the confidence of knowing that possibilities are out there. During their last Contractors meeting, I made notes of who I wanted to network with after the meeting. To my surprise, I barely got out of the chair and I had 3-4 people approaching me for potential business.”

-Tyrone Bailey, owner of Bailey’s Construction Unlimited


“OAME has given my business excellent exposure by providing a venue to meet potential customers. The format of the OAME meetings helps keep me informed about whats going on in the government, business and educational sectors. The atmosphere amongst members cant be found anywhere else.

-Dimas Diaz, owner of Maxximo Insurance


“I credit about 75% of my work opportunities to relationships I’ve built at OAME. I consider OAME meetings as my workplace and the people I meet are my coworkers. There is such a great sense of community within the membership.”

-Suzanne Donaldson, owner of Donaldson Enterprises


“My experience with OAME has been tremendous. Even after working in New York and Mumbai, rarely have I encountered an organization such as OAME, which offers a nurturing environment for small businesses, and I really enjoy the camaraderie seen through its networking events.”

-Vijay Deodhar, owner of 3D InFusion


“Since I’ve joined OAME, I’ve gotten quite a bit of business exposure, met influential guest speakers and made excellent relationships.”

– Quincy Whitfield, owner of QJW Consulting Services


“OAME is one of the main reasons that I’m in business today. From the beginning, they taught me the principles of business and have been an excellent resource for small business loans and affordable office space.”

-Laurence Rivera, owner of Pronto Staffing Services, LLC


“Through our association with OAME, we started getting more office cleaning jobs. When you come to the OAME meetings, you hear about upcoming projects and find out what other contractors are doing.”

-Natalia Lifanov, co-owner of JRV Janitorial


“As a member of OAME I get the chance to be in a room that is full of my ideal client base. That type of opportunity isn’t available anywhere else. The networking during meetings, references and advice from OAME team members (including Sam Brooks, Jorge Guerra and Matt Rutter) have been priceless. I credit my success so far to their help and the OAME community.”

-Christine Schlicker, Owner of NicJac Communications


“OAME gives us good exposure to upcoming projects and helps us build relationships with numerous general contractors. The monthly networking meeting are very helpful.”

-Rosa Martinez, co-Owner of PMG Demolition & Abatement


“OAME’s loan program has been important in my financial support and Sam Brooks has been instrumental in mentoring me how to run a business.”

-James Faison, Owner of Faison Construction


“Being a member of OAME has given me exposure to many of my business clients and the meetings are very dynamic. When Sam Brooks talks, everyone listens.”

-Rudy Trujillo, Owner of Island Landscape


“OAME connected me with vital businesses sooner than I could have on my own and also introduced me to new clients I never would have met.”

-Kay Newell, Owner of Sunlan Lighting, Inc.


“OAME has created a tremendous number of relationships for us that we wouldn’t have been exposed to if we were not a member. The networking meetings are a very positive and productive environment.”

-Andrew Colas, President of Colas Construction, Inc.


“OAME’s meetings are a great place to network my business and meet potential clients. Hearing Sam Brooks speak at the events is also a great experience for businesses to learn and hear about the challenges that others face.”

-Venky Ramakrishnan, Director of Sigma Consultants Group, Inc.


“I’d just like to say that becoming a member of OAME this last year has been such a wonderful experience, both for myself and for our engineering/surveying firm. Being new to the Portland area and newly certified by the state as a WBE firm (for civil engineering only), the organization has provided for us enumerable contacts, support for our various questions and an avenue to better understand both the Portland area and the many great companies that exist in the area. I look forward to another year of professional growth and understanding, as a member of OAME.”

-Janet Spriggs, Assoc. Principal of Balzhiser & Hubbard Engineers, Inc.


“Being involved with OAME has helped us grow our business tremendously. We started our restaurant in one room and have expanded several times. This was only possible with the support and flexibility that OAME has given us.
OAME has been a very supportive business partner and has helped us with their moral and strategic support.”

-Dibabu Gurmu, co-owner of Dalo’s Ethiopian Restaurant


“OAME gives me the opportunity to have face to face meetings with the general contractors, which is important when so much of business today is relationship based. OAME has made us aware of great opportunities over the years and has been an important part of our growth in the commercial flooring business.”

-Judith Huck, owner of Classique Floors, Inc.


“As OAME members for the past 10 years, we appreciate the opportunity to network with and support Minority, Women and Emerging Small Businesses,”

-Seth Pierce, Sales Representative of MARCO Ideas Unlimited, Inc.


“I love OAME because of the diversity, opportunities, and relationships I’ve been exposed to through introductions at the meetings. OAME is an excellent resource for all businesses to come and select specific opportunities within the room that they find appealing.”

-Eric Ufer, owner of Pest Solutions, LLC.


“I think OAME provides the perfect incubator space for small businesses because of the flexibility to meet someone’s needs as they grow. OAME’s monthly meetings are also the best networking opportunities in the state for attracting a broad range of decision makers and small businesses.”

-Lois D. Cohen, owner of Lois D. Cohen & Associates.


“Being a member of OAME exposed me to many business people and leaders in the community, I can talk directly with them and make one-on-one connections.”

-Sam Gollah, owner of Gollah Consulting, LLC.


“Becoming a member of OAME and coming to the meetings has laid the foundation for making more contacts in the city. I am meeting decision makers in person rather than trying to cold call them over several months time.”

-Justin Hopkins, owner of Cortez Creative’s Portland division.


“Our involvement with OAME has increased our community visibility. It has also been an excellent place to rent office space and meeting rooms. The Contractors meetings are valuable to any business and we have met potential clients there.”

-Laquanna Peoples, co-owner of Ace Event Services.


“My involvement with OAME has helped me a great deal getting to this point, especially in networking, small business loans and using the plan center.”

-Joe Tshribi, owner of Pacific Innovations, LLC.


“It’s been a privelege to be part of OAME, I was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and it feels like home to be here around such collaborative diversity.”

-Herb Yamamoto, owner of CADD Connection, LLC.

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