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1-6 Employees $200 yearly

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7-10 Employees $250 yearly
11-20 Employees $300 yearly
21-50 Employees $350 yearly
51-100 Employees $400 yearly
100+ Employees $700 yearly
Associations & NFP $350 yearly
Public Agency $500 yearly
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International $200 yearly
Students (18-24 yrs. old) $100 yearly
Youth (14-17 yrs. old) $75 yearly
NOTE: Your ANNIVERSARY DATE will be today’s date.

Membership dues are based on Anniversary date.

What does that mean?? Each individual has a unique anniversary, based on the date they became an OAME member. For example: someone joining on February 11th will have renewal fees due every ensuing year on February 11th.

If you would pay by check or money order,
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  • mail it along with your payment to our offices.
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