Sponsorships and Donations

Business Sponsorship Youth Academy Sponsorship
There are many areas available for business sponsorshipOAME DirCover 2015F

  • Monthly Coffee & Issues Information and Networking Forum
  • Monthly Contractors, Architects / Engineers & Professional Technical Committee Meeting and Networking
  • Annual Coffee & Issues Networking Forum & Business After Hours


The Annual OAME Youth Academy

  • Improves youth entrepreneurial skills
  • Promotes leadership, teamwork and social skills
  • Enhances opportunities for business development
  • Increases youth innovation and knowledge
  • Improves youth global competitiveness
  • Educates youth about economic development


Trade Show Sponsorship Other Donations
Trade Show Sponsorship exposes your business prominently throughout the Trade Show and Luncheon, and online throughout the yearTradeshow

  • Table at the trade show conference luncheon
  • Advertising in the annual directory
  • Logo on banner at conference luncheon
  • Website link and more…


You can also make a general donation to OAME or target your contribution to the specific event or purpose that you want to support
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