Spotlight On: Complete Fusion Welding

abdias-calixteAbdias Calixte is the owner of Complete Fusion Welding. His company is a full services steel company able to furnish, fabricate and design. Abdias also provides Quality assurance/quality control to ensure all welds meet code requirements. 

Abdias Calixte was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where he spent his childhood watching his own father repair and replace sheet metal on many  houses because of the torrential downpour of rain that often flooded homes in Port-au-Prince. This experience is what fueled the desire for Abdias in welding fusion and fabrication of steel and the importance of a quality product. 

Before leaving Haiti Abdias worked as a body guard to protecting the men who drove the armored trucks and made bank deposits. After doing this for some time Abdias felt inspired to attend Bible School.

In 2003 Abdias migrated to the United States with his three little boys. Abdias and his family moved to Battleground Washington and  he got married. Abdias worked for Old Castle Glass which
abdias-columnIn 2005 Abdias decided to buy a home in Longview Washington and attended Lower Columbia College receiving a certificate in Political science. Abdias has accomplished many academic degrees and certificates. Currently, Abdias is a Journeyman Millwright, Certified welder, and certified welding inspector.
 In 2010, Abdias worked for Bonneville Dam  and then proceeded to start his own business in 2012. We asked why?

“I was urged by coworkers to start my own business I was told that I have the skill, knowledge, and drive to become a successful  business  and that is what I did.”


I started my business, got certified ,and received opportunities right away not  Because of anything but my ability and qualifications to do the work. One of Abdias’s favorite projects was the SR-200 bridge in Seattle WA. I was very proud of the work I did on the main stem of the bridge.

In 2015  Abdias was invited to OAME by Ron White, Best HQ. He was immediately drawn to OAME when he heard “Everybody is in, nobody is out.” Abdias immediately became a member. Abdias feels that, “It is astounding to be apart of something where everyone is offered the same opportunity.”

Today, Abdias is a healthy, thriving company that currently employees 22 people on one project. We asked, what thoughts would you leave us with? Abdias replied, “I am doing one of the hardest trades and I feel blessed.  We live in the richest countries in the world. Apply yourself and you wont believe what you will achieve.”

To learn more about Complete Fusion Welding, call 360.232.2051 or visit their website at

-Written by Angela Watkins

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