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James JenElee JenJames Jen was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Some of his early interests included sketching cartoons. In high school he excelled in drafting and remembers how time would pass quickly when he was engaged in his projects.   His favorite sport was basketball. He was inspired by the NBA players in the United States, hoping someday he could be in the league.  “I didn’t really have the height, but I was small, fast and very competitive,” jokes Jen.  After recurring ankle injuries, Jen was forced to stop playing basketball.

In 1976, James attended the China Maritime College.  Prior to graduating, he needed to fulfill his school’s requirement for one year on a Taiwanese commercial ship traveling the world as a Marine Engineer.   After graduating he spent two years in mandatory military service as a Navy officer.  While in the Navy, he coached two winning basketball teams.
In 1980, he was out of the military and began his Engineering studies at Oregon State University.

Elee Jen was born and raised in Kaushung, Taiwan. Her father was an Academy instructor at the nearby Air Force base.  Books were one of Elee’s early passions. She loved to read classical Chinese literature and detective novels.  She remembers that all Taiwanese youth, even girls, received basic military training on shooting rifles and survival skills.  “Growing up, it was ingrained in every family to be mentally and physically prepared for the threat of war,” recalls Elee.  In 1977, she graduated from Soo Chow University with a degree in Chemistry.  Shortly thereafter, she moved to Corvallis, Oregon to begin school for her Master’s Degree at Oregon State University.

James and Elee met in 1981 at OSU through a campus Christian fellowship. They were amazed at the number of similarities in their backgrounds and felt close from the beginning. The couple wed in 1985 and moved to Los Angeles, where James worked for McDonnell Douglas.

In 1994, James was hired by Seltec Silicone and moved the family back to Oregon.  He worked for various mechanical and design firms since 2000.  In 2005, James and Elee started Energy Performance Engineering.  The company specializes in building commissioning, a service that ensures new buildings will operate as planned. Elee has been the Marketing Manager for the company and they’ve seen the business grow and become more profitable since 2010.

“We love OAME; everyone is equal and gets an opportunity to present their business at the meetings.  Through OAME, we’ve gotten SBA loans to help sustain cash flow and also take advantage of great trainings provided by local agencies in their building.  We have been helped tremendously through our membership with OAME,” stated Elee Jen.

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~written by Matt Rutter



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