Spotlight On: Epic Scan, Ltd.

Ryan WoodwardRyan Woodward is the co-owner of Epic Scan Ltd.
His company specializes in 3-D laser scanning for existing
structures, historical documentation and pre-design existing conditions documentation.

Ryan Woodward was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon.  Some of his early interests included fishing,  playing soccer and following the Oregon State Beaver sports teams.   While attending Corvallis High School, Ryan began to gravitate towards business.  He took accounting classes and studied small business management while also running the student store.

A couple years after finishing college in 1998, Woodward hit on a career changing opportunity.  In 2000, both he and co-worker Carlos Velazquez were hired by logo Epic ScanEpic Scan, a 3-D laser scanning company.  The headquarters was located in Medford, Oregon and quickly became one of the nation’s first companies to provide scanning technology.  Some of the early scanner models were cumbersome to say the least.
“We were trained on the Cyrax 2400, a 150 pound unit that required two hours to
complete a 360 degree scan.  Nowadays our scanners weigh 15 pounds and can do that task in 8 minutes,” laughed Woodward.

Epic Scan gained global customers quickly because of the specific nature of their service.  In late 2000, they were called to Charleston, South Carolina to provide a complete scan of the sunken civil war submarine H.L. Hunley. On another high profile job in 2010, Epic Scan was asked to assess a luge course at the Vancouver BC Winter Olympics to investigate the cause of death for one of the athletes.  Their work was  used to determine whether a flaw in the track was to blame.

In 2012, Ryan and Carlos purchased Epic Scan from the original owner and haven’t looked back.  Ryan handles operations out of the Portland Metro area and Carlos maintains the Medford facility.  With 5 employees, they have been busy with projects at the Portland airport, Hanford Nuclear site and the Pioneer Courthouse Square.

submarineIn 2013, Epic Scan became an OAME member after attending a Contractors networking meeting. “The great thing about OAME is that it’s a place were anyone can come and feel welcome. The connections there are a great tool for small businesses  to connect with key people and larger primes. It would be difficult to do on my own.  I see OAME members at various worksites around town and it’s always reassuring to see a familiar face, “ said Woodward.

Epic Scan continues to invest time and money in adopting and learning about new tools in the industry and see where the future is heading.

To learn more about Epic Scan, call 971.302.2732 or visit their website at

-Written by Matt Rutter

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