Spotlight On: Total Glass Resurfacing

Staci Carsten and Tim Gregor are owners of
Total Glass Resurfacing.
The company specializes in residential and commercial glass restoration.

Staci Carsten was born and raised in Deadwood, South Dakota. The town, situated in the Black Hills, is famous for its 1876 gold rush and HBO’s Deadwood television series.  Staci’s family was in the area for three generations and her childhood home sits on the site where Sheriff  Seth Bullock’s home once sat.

“My childhood was magical.  We were near these scenic hills, in a very congenial town with historical buildings surrounding us. Our neighbors’ attic was like a museum. It was full of hundred year-old garments that we could look at and try on,” stated Carsten.

Staci got her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and spent time in Montana as a massage therapist.  In 2005, she traveled to Bend, Oregon for a wedding and couldn’t believe how breathtaking the scenery was.  A year later, she decided to move there. 

Tim Gregor was raised in Chula Vista, California and relocated with his family to Bend, Oregon while he was in middle school.  Tim’s father Don worked for the GlasWeld headquarters at the time and was very knowledgeable in window and glass repair.  Don eventually decided to start his own business in 1998 and Total Glass Resurfacing was born.  Tim helped his Dad with the business over the years and learned the compounds and techniques needed to repair damaged glass.  They would often get called to large cities like New York and San Francisco for projects because their glass restoration services were so unique. Clients would see an immediate cost savings by being able to restore glass rather than replace it. 

Staci and Tim first met through mutual friends in 2009. Both of them were already in relationships at the time, so they simply stayed friends through the circle of people they knew.  In 2013, after both of them had moved on in their relationships, Staci and Tim began dating.   “Tim and I were there for each other during some very tough times and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship,” smiled Carsten.  

In 2015, Staci and Tim purchased the business from Don and have focused more of their efforts on certifying with the State of Oregon and networking their business through OAME. “Every time we drive from Bend to Portland to attend an OAME meeting, it reminds us of why we are doing this. The relationships we are building at OAME just get better and better,” stated Carsten.

To learn more about Total Glass Resurfacing call 541.419.6437 or check out their website

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written by Matt Rutter


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