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Technical Assistance

Through a federal grant by the Small Business Administration, OAME is able to provide free one-on-one counseling to business owners. We assist each individual business owner with designing an action plan for business plan creation, administration of the business, marketing, budgeting, location, and financing.

OAME assists business owners in understanding all phases of owning and managing a business. Our technical assistance empowers each business owner with the tools, concepts, and strategies to make a long-term commitment to strengthen their business.

OAME has also established a Mentorship Program in an effort to partner small business candidates with a mentor from a larger business with complimentary industry knowledge. The Mentorship program requires both parties to commit to monthly meetings for an entire year and is mediated by OAME staff.

***For more information contact Tei-Onna Trice, at teionna@oame.org